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Mission Statement

Abundant Life Nursing School was established for the purpose of educating individuals in the various health care professions. Additionally, we serve as a catalyst to the medical profession and to future educational endeavors. We believe that all qualified students deserve the opportunity to develop their greatest potential.

Our Vision

The vision of Abundant Life Nursing School is to offer an educational program, which affords students an opportunity to serve as a Home Health Aide, Patient Care Technician, or Practical Nurse.


Abundant Life Nursing School will serve in the community as a beacon of excellence in the provision of healthcare education. It is our hope to assist with all health care educational needs including furthering education or students who desire assistance with continuing education to improve current skills.

About: Statement of Purpose
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Message from the President

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Patricia Allen

WELCOME to Abundant Life Nursing School.

CONGRATULATIONS on your respected decision to entrust the furtherance of your education with our team. Our SUCCESS is a direct reflection of every student’s effort to succeed. As you succeed, so too will the school. We are committed to promoting a R.I.C.H. environment that encourages an atmosphere of:





Throughout my educational endeavors “persistence” has been my greatest companion. I encourage anyone trying to advance educationally to have patience. When the material is hard slow down and give yourself more time to learn. Secondly, listen. More than you speak listening is a virtue vital to educational enhancement. Lastly, I am so proud of you for taking either the first step or continuing your educational journey. Good luck

Our most sincere hope is that you will find your time with us: one of purpose, progress, fulfillment, and great reward. It is my hope that all students; regardless of what ethnicity, socioeconomic background, or past educational experience, will find academic success at Abundant Life Nursing School.


With Sincere Gratitude,


 Patricia Allen


Letter From The President
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